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Terms of Service

No Refunds, Exchanges or Returns

No refunds, exchanges or returns will be offered for any product or service provided through Creative Graphic Biz unless specifically indicated in writing.

14-Day Guarantee Against Flaws and Defects

Products are guaranteed against flaws and defects within 14 calendar days of receiving the product. Any flaw or defect must be made know to Creative Graphic Biz within this time. Please inspect products carefully upon delivery.

Defective products may not be returned prior to contacting Creative Graphic Biz for instructions. This guarantee does not extend to the amount paid towards design or other services in connection with the defective product. Any refund on cost of shipping which may be provided shall not exceed the original shipping cost by more than $5.00.

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy is not guaranteed unless specifically indicated in writing. Colors displayed online or emailed to the customer cannot be guaranteed.

Precise color matching service may be available if required, however, this is practical only for very large or special orders because of the extra cost involved.

Artwork Licensing

Artwork that will appear on finished product or websites are typically licensed by Creative Graphic Biz or third-parties. The customer will only have limited rights to use such graphics and artwork unless otherwise and specifically indicated in writing. The customer should contact Creative Graphic Biz if there are questions about licensing.

Prices Listed Online are not Guaranteed to be Current

Creative Graphic Biz deals with various suppliers and strives to be competitive. If the cost of a product goes up, or a mistake was made in pricing, Creative Graphic Biz will not be obligated to honor the price as listed or previously quoted.

Creative Graphic Biz May Decline Any Project

Creative Graphic Biz may decline any project or order at it's own discretion.

These Terms of Service

These Terms of Service may be modified from time to time by Creative Graphic Biz without notice.

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