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[Example of Custom Vehicle Graphics Design]
Creative Graphic Biz offers design service for several types of vehicle graphics:

  1. Vehicle magnets are an excellent non-permanent type of graphic which can be produced in eye-catching full color, or in a pleasing one or two color layout. (Design service, if requested, begins at $15.00 for basic projects.)
  2. Solid color vinyl application is very professional and lasts a long time. It's perfect for putting your company name and number on your business vehicles. Solid vinyl can also be applied to rear and side window locations. Design and layout assistance may start anywhere between $25.00 and $100.00 depending on your needs. See "How Do You Design for My Specific Vehicle?" at the end of this document.
  3. Full coverage vehicle wraps allow you to completely transform you vehicle. Please call if you need a full coverage design.

Getting the Graphics On

Vehicle application can be done in several ways:

Vehicle magnets are shipped to your address, simply open them up and put them on.

Small or medium sized vinyl graphics can be ordered with premask for self-application. Peal the backing off and carefully apply it to your vehicle. You must be experienced with the application process, particularly for medium to large sized graphics.

For large vinyl application or wraps, Creative Graphic Biz will supply the necessary production files to a specialist who will take over the application part of your project. Creative Graphic Biz can help you find, or may already know an application specialist in your area.

How Do You Design for My Specific Vehicle?

You will need to take straight-on pictures of each surface of your vehicle that you want to put graphics on. For each picture take horizontal and vertical measurements of easy-to-spot points for scaling purposes.

If the picture is of the side of the vehicle, a good horizontal measurement may be from wheel-center to wheel-center. A good vertical measurement might be from the top to the bottom of a window or door seam. Indicate the location of any trim or indentation that may be hard to spot by looking at the photos. This way the graphics can be designed around them if necessary, and re-application or modification fees may be avoided.

Email the photos and information to the address below. Simulated vehicle graphics like the Monte Carlo shown at the top of this document can be provided before any real graphics are applied.

To order or for information contact:

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